Custom Jewelry

1. Design Consultation

You'll sit down with Fran with your ideas. Bring photos, sketches or whatever inspiration you have. Fran will listen to what you’d like and get to work on the initial sketches

2. CAD Drawing & Rendering

Fran will email you a CAD (computer-assisted design) drawing and a rendering of your custom piece. This is a chance for you to see your vision one step closer to reality.

3. 3-D Printed Prototype

Fran utilizes cutting edge technology to provide the a plastic prototype of your piece. This gives you a chance to try it on and request any final adjustments. No surprises when you get the finished piece!

4. Casting. Cleaned. Set.

The GIA Cut Scale ranges from Excellent to Poor.

Fran then gets to work creating your unique piece. The entire process only takes 2-3 weeks!

Custom Jewelry Inquiry



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Follow Us on Instagram @francisjjewelers