Diamonds 101 - The 4C's


The GIA Color Scale goes from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow or brown).

Truly colorless diamonds are quite rare.
Most diamonds in jewelry are almost colorless with yellow/brown tints.
The letter grade measures the range of noticeable color.


The GIA Clarity Scale includes 11 clarity grades ranging from Flawless to I3.

All diamonds have internal and external characteristics.
These characteristics are a result of it's formation.
Gemologists separate natural diamonds from fakes.
These characteristics help identify individual stones.

Carat Weight

One carat = 200 milligrams of weight.
For diamonds under one carat, each carat is divided into 100 points. Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat are an effective way to evaluate and compare different diamonds. But there is so much more to describe a diamond’s beauty and allure. Visit Francis J. Jewelers for a professional evaluation.


The GIA Cut Scale ranges from Excellent to Poor.

A diamond’s beauty is based on how it interacts with light.
Brightness: All of the white light reflecting from both the surface and the interior of the diamond.
Fire: This term refers to the flares of color from the diamond.
Scintillation: This includes both the sparkle and patterns of darkness and light portions of the diamon.d
The proportion of the diamond affects how it interacts with light and ultimately, the beauty of the stone.
Diamonds with fine proportions, polish and balance maximize how the light effects it. They have increased Brightness, Fire and Scintillation.

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